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The Fujitsu fi-5120C and fi-5220C desktop document scanners are loaded with all the functionality, speed, flexibility and reliability that have convinced more than 50% of all document scanner operators worldwide to choose a Fujitsu document scanner for their desktop.

The fi-5120C and fi-5220C are the ideal scanners for small and mid-size businesses that need to archive documents, scan in reports to OCR or implement an efficient document management system.

Fujitsu fi-5120c and fi-5220c Scanners

Fujitsu desktop scanners are also perfectly suited for more sophisticated document management and workflow solutions, where scanners are needed at a single user or workgroup level. The fi-5120C / fi-5220C offer high speed scanning at up to 30 ppm or 60 ipm in both mono and colour (at 150 dpi), enabling users to reliably scan quantities of several hundred up to 1000 documents per day. The scannersí duplex capability enables the capture of both sides of the original document in just one pass, whilst the 50 sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) is ideal for unattended scanning of multi-page documents and batches, where paper sizes may vary from A8 to A4 or legal. The fi-5120Cís unique fold away output tray keeps footprint size to a minimum making it an ideal desktop scanner.

The fi-5220C combines the highly efficient ADF with an A4 size flatbed unit for scanning critical or historically valuable documents, photo materials, magazine pages or pages from books. When using the ADF, the flatbed unitís lid serves as a document batch stacker keeping even this devices footprint compact enough to be ideally placed on any desktop.

Options for Fujitsu fi-5120C

An optional imprinter for the fi-5120C document scanner will allow for a 40 character stamp to be printed on the back of every scanned document, which can serve as proof that all documents have been scanned. For purpose of reference to the original document, the operator can select within the driver that a digital imprint is virtually affi xed to every scanned image as well.

Options for fi-5120C / fi-5220C

In a scenario where different batches of alike documents are to be scanned regularly, Fujitsuís driver extension SoftIPC V.2.5 can contribute to increasing scanning efficiency even further. This package enables defining and selecting monochrome mode scanning profiles that are optimized for different types of documents (invoices, newspapers, forms,) as well as virtually switching between different profiles before applying them to all pages of the document batch. Also, SoftIPC supports multi-streaming for creating monochrome and colour images simultaneously.

The fi-5120C / fi-5220C can be operated as a network device when attaching them to Fujitsuís fi-5000N network adapter. This unique device is the only network adapter that allows multiple users to access a shared scanner from within their regular archiving application, just as if it were directly attached to their workstation. Additionally, it provides secure network access by identifying fingerprints or ID codes of authorised personnel.

Fast data transfers

The fi-5120C / fi-5220Cís dual interface leaves you the choice of attaching the scanner via SCSI-2 or USB 2.0, both connections providing abundant bandwidth for quickly transferring even high resolution data volumes to the application workstation.

  • 30 ppm / 60 ipm (duplex) at 150 dpi in all colour modes.

  • Ultrasonic Doublefeed Detection.

  • A8 Ė A4 scanning (+ extra long documents).

  • Dual Interface Ė Ultra SCSI and USB 2.0 selectable.

  • 50 page ADF (sheetfeeder).

  • Advanced DTC setting for next-to perfect pages.

  • Embossed Card scanning (ISO 7810).

  • Flatbed on fi-5220C model.


Paper or embossed card handling and reliable double feed detection

When professionally scanning documents, the least you will want to encounter is missing out on valuable information. The Fujitsu fi-5120C and fi-5220C ensure that every single page of a batch of documents will reliably feed through the scanners ADF. The scanners feature an absolute straight paper path, minimising physical stress on the paper itself, and the fi-5120C / fi-5220C will even permit you to regularly scan embossed plastic cards compliant to ISO 7810. Chances are high that neither will an individual sheet of paper ever be crumpled, nor will you encounter misfeeds.

The fi-5120C / fi-5220C are equipped with an ultrasonic double feed detection mechanism that will immediately interrupt the paper transport should it detect one or more sheets of paper being drawn into the paper path simultaneously. This might occur if two pages have been glued or stapled together, or if a sticky note has been attached to the document. This unique detection mechanism is unrivalled within the fi -5120C / fi-5220C class of document scanners and greatly improves reliability and ease of the scanning process.

Productivity of document capture

The Fujitsu fi-5120C / fi-5220C scanners offer high quality capture in mono, greyscale or colour at optical resolutions of up to 600 dpi, and a variety of processing functions enable the image enhancement of even the poorest quality original documents. The operator can select from a wide range of output file formats, including TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PDF, the open de facto standard for electronic file exchange and a worldwide legal standard for archiving (PDF-A format).

A full version of Adobeģ Acrobatģ 7.0 Standard is included with the fi-5120C / fi-5220C. So with this package even commenting, digitally signing and forwarding documents to a group of recipients becomes easy and both scanner models allow referencing to original documents, when the operator chooses digital imprinting to be virtually affixed to every scanned image.

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** Fujitsu fi-5120C and fi-5220C document scanners - Fujitsu 5120C / 5220C document scanners - Fujitsu fi-5120C and fi-5220C document scanners **

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