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Imaging for Windows 2.8

Imaging for Windows was formerly known as Kodak or Wang Imaging Professional or Imaging for Windows. Imaging for Windows was included as part of Microsoft Windows up to and including Windows 2000.

imaging for windows 2.8Imaging for Windows release 2.8

Use Out of The Box or Build Custom Applications:

Use Global 360's Imaging for Windows software to improve productivity for individuals, work groups, and entire organizations, or leverage its powerful ActiveX controls or the Server Access COM object to create robust custom applications with embedded imaging capabilities. Global 360 Imaging for Windows ActiveX controls allow developers to add imaging capabilities to programs that support ActiveX, including Visual Basic and Visual C++.

ActiveX Controls & COM Object:

Global 360 Imaging for Windows includes a number of objects providing access to key imaging functions. These are:

  • Image Administration Control - Administer image files, provides common dialog boxes for image operations, and manipulates pages within an image file
  • Image Edit Control - Displays, annotates, manipulates, and manages image files
  • Image Annotation Tool Button Control - Adds text and graphical annotations to displayed image files
  • Image Scan Control - Scans paper documents via TWAIN-compatible scanners
  • Image OCR Control - Converts image files to formatted, editable text
  • Image Thumbnail Control - Displays thumbnail views of images contained in an image file
  • Server Access Object (COM Object) - Provides access to Global 360 Imaging Server capabilities. The Server Access Object allows applications to use Imaging Server as both a file server and an image server.

Work in Production:

Global 360 Imaging for Windows supports an integrated query environment when used as the client for document management software. In addition it can be used as the supporting tool for client-imaging capabilities for high-end production imaging products.

Technical Requirements

  • 166 MHz Intel Pentium PC or greater
  • Microsoft Windows® 98, Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a or later), Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows XP SP1
  • 32 MB or more of RAM for Windows 98; 64 MB of RAM or more for Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0
  • 30 MB of available hard-disk space
  • CD-ROM drive for installation
  • TWAIN-compliant device (optional) and fax/modem card (optional) to take advantage of Global 360 Imaging for Windows scanning and faxing capabilities.


Global 360 Imaging for Windows was formerly known as Kodak or Wang Imaging Professional or Imaging for Windows.
Imaging for Windows is not included in Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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