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Bell and Howell scannerBell & Howell Document Scanners 

Bell and Howell are now part of Kodak


BELL + HOWELL has a high-end, midrange or entry-level scanner to meet your real-world needs.
Bell + Howell is always adding value to its full line of document scanners. No matter what business you’re in, if you need to convert documents into high-quality digital images quickly and simply, you need Bell + Howell scanners.

Document Management and Document Imaging systems require document scanners to scan paper documents and save them as images. 

       Bell+Howell Sidekick Scanners

       Bell and Howell sidekick  A4, 23 or 43 page/minute scanner, mono/colour, USB, sheet-feed only.

  • Scan in Colour, black and white and greyscale
  • Accommodates a wide range of documents such as standard bond paper, receipts, photographs, business cards and up to 25" long
  • Features an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) place up to 120 documents in the tray, push the button and scan
  • Choose from two different models to satisfy your speed requirements: Sidekick 1200 scans at 23 ppm and Sidekick 1400u scans at 43ppm
  • Comes with everything you need, including software, USB cable, scanner drivers and power supply cable


                 Bell+Howell Truper Scanners

Trūper's unique combination of image quality, 10,000 page daily duty cycle and category leading 67 pages per minute speed in landscape (62 ppm in portrait) make it an attractive option for service bureau overflow, busy office environments and businesses with exception document scanning needs. With flatbed plus rotary and a rotary only option, Trūper can meet your diverse scanning needs.

  Kodak Truper 3600

Trūper 3600 – The Trūper 3600 is a rotary only scanner.  Don’t be fooled by its compact size.  With a 10,000 page daily duty cycle and 67 page per minute speed (62 ppm in portrait), it leads the industry in the low volume segment.  As for image enhancement, Trūper 3600 is bundled with two different versions of VRS to meet your scanning needs:  VRS 4.1 Professional for auto-everything scanning, including Auto Rotation, Blank Page Deletion and Auto Colour Detect. In addition, Trūper 3600 is offered with VRS 4.1 Basic for those instances where auto-everything is not needed.

Kodak Truper 3200

Trūper 3200 – The Trūper 3200 incorporates the same automatic document feeder as the Trūper 3600, but has a flatbed as well.  For the instances that you need a flatbed, including exception documents, fragile documents or bound material, Trūper 3200 can meet your needs.


                 Bell+Howell Spectrum XF Scanners

Kodak Bell + Howell Spectrum scanner

With scanning speeds up to 140 pages per minute, the best-of-breed SharpShooter TriLinear CCD Camera, and onboard Virtual Rescan™ (VRS) technology, Spectrum XF offers the best combination of features you’ll find in a high-volume production scanner. Spectrum XF provides all of the “extra” benefits you want – extra throughput, extra efficiency, extra OCR, ICR and Barcode recognition – without the extra cost.

Spectrum XF proves that going faster doesn't mean you have to sacrifice image quality.  The state-of-the-art trilinear camera design - with one line per red, green and blue - ensures images at a finer level of detail in bitonal and greyscale and in more vivid colour. 

Spectrum XF allows users to drop out any colour – not just red, green, or blue. Great for users who want to drop out unnecessary colour backgrounds altogether while capturing colour information in the foreground. A great feature for forms processing users.

As well as Bell+Howell we supply document scanners from several manufacturers, including Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic, Xerox,  and Canon.

Most Bell+Howell scanners are suitable for use with Imaging for Windows software.  Return to Document Scanners    Home

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