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As well as Imaging for Windows, we have solutions for Records Management, Document Imaging, Document Management and scanning.


Alliance Imager  is a document management system. Alliance Imager provides Document-Management of scanned and electronically generated documents in a searchable database.

Alliance PaperChase records-management system uses barcodes to monitor the movement, archiving and destruction of documents and files.

Alliance BatchScan is a document scanning solution which scans paper documents using TWAIN compatible document scanners.



Document scanners from Fujitsu, Kodak, Canon and Panasonic

Scanners need application software to drive them. A document management application, such as Alliance Imager document imaging or Alliance PaperChase records management can scan and index the scanned documents. This is typically suited to relatively low volumes of scanning.

For large volumes of scanning a dedicated batch scanning program is recommended.  Alliance BatchScan scanning software scans and stores at high speed for subsequent indexing.


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Imaging for Windows is not included in Windows XP or Vista...

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